Summertime means time to travel! Nowadays it is easier to bring with us our four-legged friends since there are more and more facilities equipped to welcome them.

Last week we gave some practical advice to make more pleasant our best friend travel. This week we will have a look at the laws ruling on how to carry animals in the car.

The Article, 6 subparagraph of the Highway Code To transport people, animals or objects on motor vehicles” states as follows:

"On vehicles others than those authorizes on Art. 38 of the Decree of the President of Italian Republic n. 320 date 8th Feburary 1954, it is forbidden to transport pets in a number superior to one and however in condition to represent an obstacle or danger to the drive. It is allowed to transport pets, also in a number superior to one, only if kept in appropriate cage or kennel or car rear specifically divided by a net or other suitable mean that, if installed in a permanent way, has to be authorized by competent provincial office of the General Management of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles”.

Therefore, from the above said, if you are travelling with one animal only, it can be also kept free only if it does not represent an obstacle or danger to the drive. In this case, it is not compulsory the security net. To be safer, it is appropriate that the animal travels on the backseat better if kept in leash with the oscillating ring to be inserted in the safety belt. This is a very useful device because it limits the animal movements towards the front seat and it avoids potentially dangerous situation. Is also acts as “no fine device” in case you will come across a traffic police officer that interprets differently the Highway Code.

The situation is different in case you travel with more than one pet in one vehicle. In this case, the Law is very clear: animals must be kept in appropriate cages or on the car rear, divided by a net or other appropriate means.

Finally, for what concerns cats, as they are quite always difficult to restraint, using a pet carrier is usually necessary.

Few simple rules are enough to safety and peacefully travel with our pet!

Have a nice trip to all of you!