Normally the pesticides from natural sources contain principles based on garlic or similar substances that produce an unpleasant odour. Is this also the case for PIguard?

No, PIguard does not contain any substance which may produce unpleasant odours; in fact its active ingredients give the product a pleasant scent.

Can I associate PIguard with any other pesticide such as those commonly used for fleas and ticks?

Sure! PIguard is a product completely free of toxicity, unlike the common synthetic products such as those based on pyrethroids. The active ingredients in PIguard offer a known and effective repellent action and being of natural origin will not increase the toxicity of common pesticides for fleas and ticks with which it might be associated. It is also widely demonstrated how Neem Oil plays a significant growth regulator activity (IGR), acting on the immature forms of the pest species and consequently enhancing the adulticide activity of the pesticides with which it is associated.

Might not a fortnightly or weekly administration of Piguard in situations with higher risk be too "demanding" for the owner?

It is normal that applying a repellent only once may at first sight seem more comfortable for an owner, but the subjective factors of the animal and external are incalculable and that basically makes it impossible to determine until when can have a real protection that can significantly reduce the risk of contracting leishmaniasis. A regular and consistent administration of a product should be regarded instead as a greater guarantee of protection, since it prevents imponderable drops in effectiveness with consequent "window effects". In other words, the owner is made more "responsible" and the animal is more and better protected.

Can I use Piguard even on a puppy?

The principles present in Piguard, being naturally derived, do not present any contraindications and can be applied at any age. Slais Animal Health recommends its use for example in the litter and in their environment (cages, blankets etc. ...) where also the spray formulation can be useful and convenient.

Can the administration of Entero Active interfere with the glycemic balance of a diabetic patient when administered at the recommended doses for an extended time?

We can safely say that using Entero Active does not interfere with the glycemic balance as the carbohydrates within its composition either are used by the bacteria that are present or are indigestible carbohydrates. In both cases they do not interfere with the maintenance of a normoglycemia. So the product can safely be used in diabetic patients and in fact, thanks to its components, could both improve insulin sensitivity, and be used as an adjunct to insulin therapy thanks to the catabolic-fermentation on grain that is used to make it.