Innovative and affordable product lines. From their "point of view", there are no social classes. There is only love!

SLAIS Animal Health is an Italian pharmaceutical company, established in 2011, whose purpose is to operate in the field of animal health, with particular reference to pets.

The goal of our company is twofold. Firstly, we aim to offer innovative and highly qualitative drugs and products for the protection of animals health and the improvement of their living standards. In addition, we do our best to make each product affordable. Anyone who loves their animal must have the opportunity and pleasure to be able to cure it and care for it.

In Slais Animal Health, we carry out our business in full compliance with persons who collaborate with us and the environment. All with an observance that largely exceeds normal standards.

Through strong partnerships, we work in the realities of retail on the whole national territory and have an extensive veterinary information network.

Slais Animal Health is based in Terni, in the green heart of Umbria, a short distance from the beautiful Marmore Falls.