With warm weather, there is an increase of digestive problems amongst our four-legged friends, the main one being diarrhea.

Many factors can cause these problems.
The most common is the heat, when food can quickly deteriorate and a bowl of pet food can soon become a source of food poisoning.
Also, In Spring, our pets spend more time outdoors thus increasing their risk of swallowing insects, lizards or small birds, not at all the usual food for their intestine.
But that's not all: spending more time outdoors can tempt dogs and cats to "taste" or play with plants or roots which are sometimes poisonous or an irritant for their gastrointestinal tract.
When it's warm, our four-legged friends are thirsty too, this tempt them to drink water which is dirty or contains toxic substances.

So what can we do to help our pets when they have diarrhea?

First, we need to be careful when handling their food, and use specific products when they have intestinal problems.
At the pharmacy, we can find specific products for dogs and cats to stop their diarrhea in a natural way, as well as probiotics to restore their normal microbial intestinal flora.
When in doubt, It's always better to refer to your own vet, who will check the situation and carry out any necessary tests.