It is undeniable that living with a pet, be it a dog or a cat, represents for the children an important stimulus for the emotional and psychological growth.

However, it is very important that the expecting mom and dad work on time to build strong balanced relationships between children and four-legged so as to prevent unease behavior of the per in the house such as isolation or aggressive behavior.

Hence, which are the golden rules to follow to lay the foundations for a peaceful life in common between the baby and cat or dog already living in the house?

Here below some advices to follow before the baby arrival in the house that will allow to surely get off on the right foot!

  • Both dog and cat must be involved in the baby room preparation. The room will be accessible on mum and dad supervision. This behavior allows to avoid the curiosity for the “forbidden room” and, at least for the dog, it will be possible to teach him that the access will be allowed only when parents are present.
  • It is important that our loved pets get used to know the pram. You have to show it inside the house while moving and still: in this way dog and cat will get used to it and this “new moving furniture” won’t arise too much curiosity.
  • Cats find very often prams and cradles good positions where to rest. It is advisable to create valid alternatives inside the house. Therefore, let’s position kennels and carton boxes in hidden or well evident different places, according to cats preferences, as that the cats can curl up easily.
  • If it is a dog already in the house, it is advisable to teach him on time that some house environments can temporarily be barred thanks to the help of a little gate applied to the door jambs.

Inside Fido’s room there must be the kennel, water bowl and some plays. All this will be functional to create a quiet and comfortable place, a safe place where it can be far for the noise without being totally isolated. This room will be very helpful in case of baby prolonged cry or when the baby will start crawl or walk. Obviously the dog has to gradually get used to this new environment dedicate to him. The owner will stay with him petting him for a few minutes and then for longer periods, sweetly reading or talking to the animal. Gradually, the owner will leave him alone in the room: in a short time Fido will learn to appreciate this space for him.

Now, everything is ready to make our baby know Fido or Pussycat…..which advise to make this first meeting really special?

Keep on following us to find it out!