Last week we tried to focus on few simple rules to prepare our loved four-legged to the baby arrival.

Now the time has come to find out some advices to make their first encounter and the following days so special to lays strong foundations of a peaceful life in common.

  • If our beloved friend is a dog, it is advisable to arrange the encounter outside the house. We will allow it say hello to the mum, who he didn’t see for a few days, while daddy will take care of the baby. Now it is time for a family walk so that Fido could get to know the baby at its own pace.
  • When the baby will enter in the house, it is advisable to let the dog and cat get closer to it, to nose at it spontaneously without forcing interaction or contact.
  • If the owner is worried about the dog impetuosity it is possible to use a little gate applied to the door jambs. This way of contact is very important because it allows getting Fido and Pussycat to know the baby not only with the eyesight but also through the sense of smell and touch. During this delicate operation, it is important not to raise the voice, to lift or move quickly the baby or to twirl around because this will worry or scare the animal.
  • During the first days after hospital discharge, it is advisable to limit the presence of relatives and friends to those more known by the dog or cat so that the family can get used to know each other quietly. Besides, guests should say hello to Fido and Pussycat first and only in a second moment to the baby. In this way, the animal will feel to be part of the group.
  • If you want, it is a good rule to cut Fido and Pussycat in the baby care, calling them when the baby is awake, crying, is fed or has to be changed. Besides, it is useful to interact with the animal (cuddles, plays, meals) also during baby’s waking hours.

Time passes and the baby is growing fast: how to handle at best the relationship between four-legged and baby during the different phases of baby cognitive development?

Follow us! We will discuss about it next week!